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May 24, 2021

In this episode we talk How to Adapt in the Amazon Landscape? I answer some questions including IP vs Authenticity, Understanding CPC requests, FBA vs FBM and more!


May 18, 2021

In todays episode from a previous Instagram called Coffee & Questions. I answer audience questions about coffee, getting the buybox and Facebook ads!


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May 10, 2021

In this video I talk about how we use book buyback websites to make more money.  Not all books are profitable on Amazon FBA but you can still squeeze some money out of them.  Don't sleep on ways to get cash for your "duds".


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May 3, 2021

In this week's episode, It's a classic Reezy Rant from 2017. Guess what? It is still relevant in 2021😉. There are still so many ways to make money online,  the true potential of Social Media, and the power of content!
Other topics covered; Building a brand, YouTube ideas,  AND MORE!

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Apr 26, 2021

In this week's episode, I touch on the best way to start selling on Amazon (Hint: its not buying someone's $2K course😉) and how to forecast your income needed to replace your 9-5 via reselling. 
Other topics covered; Retail Arbitrage (RA) vs Wholesale, Why I don't do private label, How to deal with split...